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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Here are some short video testimonials of people who have worked with Alicia and seen the effects!


Meet The Members

Dr. Alicia Journey is, honestly, other-worldly in her ability to see, hear and apply knowledge, wisdom and actionable steps to help me restructure and re-claim, my life purpose. 

Each sessions we met there were things that God had already prepared me to hear, which Dr. Alicia honed into and gave me perspective and accountability action on.

At the same time, she is extraordinarily honoring of my personal process. There were times I had more clear understanding on situations, actions, once Dr. Alicia said it out loud, almost like a prompt for me to dive in and up, empowering me to believe and know that I hear and see as well. Yet, my mowing and seeing is different and specific to me,  whereas Dr. Alicia understands for pretty much EVERYONE!

I am eternally grateful for her powerful yet gentle guidance and accountability, her concise and articulate words and her fantastically quick processing to find actionable steps that were perfect for me each week, ultimately leading me to a whole new empowerment to my most true self and depth of desires on my "missions" on the planet.

I cannot recommend Dr. Alicia enough!

Salina Bartunek-Andrews 

Our Clients

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