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Women's Empowerment Retreat

This weekend is about transformation. About reclamation. It is about remembering who you are.

Join us as we ignite the power that has laid dormant within us. The power the passes all understanding.

You are the key to unlocking all that is possible. It is within. Let’s wake up together and find out how truly powerful we are!

Women hold the vision with their hands and heart for the New World we want to see. No more violence. No more poverty. No more wars. No more destruction of our sacred Earth. No one left behind.

But first, it starts with you. Find out how to end the wars, poverty and violence within yourself and return to the natural order of things. Return to Source. Return to Flow. Return to You.

Activate your hidden powers and start living on purpose.  


We will:

  • Commune with Nature

  • Dream under the Night Sky

  • Come together as Women to share Sacred Space

  • Learn how to Defeat Fear

  • Lear how to Step into our Power and claim our Destiny

  • Activate Hidden Spiritual Talents

  • Learn the Rhythm of Life and How to Work With It

  • All Workshops lead and exercises lead by Dr. Alicia Journey, Attorney at Law and Intuitive Powerhouse



  • You’ve KNOWN there is more to life

  • You KNOW you are meant for more

  • You are READY to take the next step to discovery who you TRULY ARE

  • You are no longer satisfied with status quo

  • You are READY to activate the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!


Please come join us for a weekend you will never forget. Your family thanks you for your COURAGE!


Here are the DETAILS:


April 14-6

Friday 6-10pm

Saturday 10am-10 pm (with breaks)

Sunday 10-12pm

$500 for the weekend

Transportation/Lodging not provided

Pot Luck style dining

Plenty of time in between for integration and exploration around Santa Barbara

Bring a yoga mat or a cushion for sitting, a notepad/pen, water bottle and YOU!


Presented by Dr. Alicia J Journey, Attorney at Law, Intuitive and Healer

Welcome to the You that has always been and will always be. Women are the future. The time is NOW. Your presence would be an honor.

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